The Breach

Youth Drop-in for ages 12-17 Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6pm-9pm


Whats this all about?

So whats the big idea?

  It's pretty simple, its all about you! Yes you!  The Breach came about because a great bunch of crazy adults from all different ages and backgrounds decided you were worth it! They all decided to work together and make this place happen for you.  The best part is that its free, yes that's right, free for you! 
  Our goal is to provide a place for you to be able to drop in and just hang, get help if you need it, no matter the problem, talk, laugh, cry, grow!  The adventure of a life time begins at The Breach, its all about you! 


Every Tuesday & Thursday

6-9 PM

Get Ready to drop in! Ages 12-17

 Games, Movies, Pool, Foosball and more! Oh and don’t forget the Hotdogs, you got to have hotdogs! Come play Mario cart on the big screens, challenge a friend to a game of pool, just shoot the breeze on one of our comfy couches or find a friendly face to chat with!
Don’t forget to bring your student ID with you to enter!
See you every Tuesday and Thursday

Disclaimer*** Fun allowed, Laughter is mandatory, safe space for doubts, questions and help for everything you are facing!



Training and Setup Happening Now! Get Involved!

We are busy with setup and training at The Breach! We are excited to announce that we are now taking application for various volunteer positions at The Breach.  Interested in changing the lives of youth in Beausejour? Contact us today for more information and request an application to become involved.
Volunteers needed for: Kitchen, Mentorship, Centre Staffing, Special Events, Cleaning, Setup and more!



Why the Breach? Why Beausejour?

The Breach exists out of God’s call for us to Reach Out, Speak Out, and 
Stand Out, In Jesus Name for young people in the Beausejour and Brokenhead area 
1.2. Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens 

The Breach exists to provide a place where young people will be loved through intentional relationships with volunteers, observably shown God’s love through ministries and activities, and purposely challenged in the Christian faith.  


We desire for young people, wherever we have an influence, to not simply know about God but to deeply fall in love with Him, in hopes of passionately following His plan for their lives. As they do so, we desire to help connect them to the larger body of Christ so they may also evangelize and influence the lost. In doing so, our goal is that they’ll continue to grow in Christ, even after they have left The Breach.

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Ben Boutwell
Chairman - Pastor BCC
Ben loves to be with the youth and encourage them in where they are and dare them to go where God can take them. all the while showing they way to how to be a humble loser at Super Smash Bros.

Darell Wurch
Secretary - Pastor at SOCC

The old guy who keeps the youngins in order!



Trevor is a fixture in the community for many years. His involvement has been key to bringing about positive change and a voice for the people in our area. When not busy in the community you can find him as a model for new hair styles for his grandkids.

Kim Friesen

 Co-Owner of the Penneyweight Market and active on several community boards, Kimberly brings here amazing buisness abilities to the team. With a love and passion for youth you will see her busy around The Breach and maybe even carrying candy!

Larry Little
Volunteer Coordinator

Larry has one of the biggest hearts we know of for youth today. He brings to the team years of experience, hope and determination to see a better way of life for everyone who walks through the doors of The Breach.